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Welcome to the next generation of upper limb prosthetics.
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Comfortably shaking another’s hand, performing household tasks, and regaining essential pieces of the human experience require giving technology in a way that people can receive it.

A breakthrough in functional prosthetics.

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BrainRobotics is building products that will make a true and lasting difference for millions of people around the world.

Based on research that began in 2015 in the Harvard Innovations Lab, the BrainRobotics prosthetic hand leverages advanced BMI (brain/machine interfaces) technology to deliver more capability, usability, and affordability than any prosthetic available today.

More functional, more usable, and more affordable.


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Our award-winning EMG-controlled prosthetic hand mimics the functionality of a human hand with groundbreaking precision.


Innovative Thumb

A motorized thumb with active adduction, abduction, flexion, and extension functionalities allows for more natural movements.



The goal with our BrainRobotics prosthetic hand is to make it more accessible without sacrificing functionality or innovation.

“The function of this hand will outweigh any hand due to its features at an affordable cost to the global market. Many will be able to afford this advanced technology along with improving all lives around the globe. This will have a major impact to the industry.”

Gary Marano
Certified & Licensed Prosthetist & Orthotist (CPO, LPO)

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