Welcome to BrainRobotics

It all started in the Harvard Innovation Lab…

and now you too can be a part of the prosthetics revolution!

Developed by Graduates of Harvard University & Incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab.

BrainRobotics was incubated with a VIP team in the Harvard Innovation Lab in 2015, with a focus on brain-machine interface (BMI). As the need for more advanced Myoelectric hands and innovative solutions to limb loss became evident, the BrainRobotics team was determined to leverage BMI and pattern recognition technology within prosthetics to provide better control and higher acceptance rates among patients.

This research has resulted in multiple awards, including ‘2019, Best Invention of the Year’ by TIME Magazine. BrainRobotics now aims to create next generation products that are accessible to a wider range of patients, enhancing their quality of life in remarkable ways.

Our Opportunities

We currently have no open positions, but we’re always interested in meeting talented individuals. Please check back later for future opportunities.