Beyond the Hand

While we work on bringing our prosthetic hand to the market, we wanted to continue sharing useful resources as we know that it's not all about the terminal device.

A user of an upper limb prosthesis has likely gone through trauma.
Additionally, every prosthesis wearer also has a socket they need to take care of.

This page is dedicated to products & solutions beyond the terminal device that are needed in a users everyday life.


According to a study done by Gerald Stark Ph.D, MSEM, CPO/L, FAAOP(D) on clinical burnout in O&P, 29% of 404 clinical professionals surveyed were at severe risk or higher of burnout.

The Liner Wand also ran a survey, this time on amputees, and found that of the over 650 surveyed individuals, 80% stated that they experience issues with their emotional health on some level because of their amputation.

It is clear that mental health and wellness is a hot button topic all across the prosthetics industry yet it is something that is not often talked about.

With roughly 30% of people with limb loss experience depression and/or anxiety, it's time to find a solution.

Here is where FocusCalm comes in. FocusCalm is the sister company of BrainRobotics and has been shown to increase users’ sense of well-being by 21% through the power of neuroscience and neurofeedback.

The Liner Wand

The Liner Wands' clear cut objective in the beginning of its journey was to provide great hygiene to those in need, but over the past 2 years, it has shaped and shifted into more than that.

The Liner Wand is now considered a hub for all things Amputee by creating a diverse and well rounded online presence and safe community with the help of PTs, OTs, Amputees, and Abled Bodies. The various ideas, suggestions, critical feedback is sculpting the community everyday.

"We know hygiene is important, but we learned along the way that having a space for those who have experienced amputation was the real factor missing in the limb loss community. We promote healthy living, clean hygiene, and real conversations." - Elizabeth Stone, Co- Founder/CEO at The Liner Wand

Check out the first clinically proven, prosthetist recommended prosthetic liner care and hygiene system.

Each Liner Wand kit contains a 3-month supply and includes:
• Liner Wand Applicators with Apocrine™ *
• Ergonomic Scrub Brushes
• Non-soap Cleanser (4 oz)

More Products

Do you have a product or solution that could be helpful to the limb different community? Please reach out to us so we can determine if you might be a good fit for our list of resources.

Linda Calabria

Senior Product & Marketing Manager