Upper Limb Manufacturer Forum II – BrainRobotics x COAPT

Partnerships in prosthetics are key. One key player that executes this flawlessly is COAPT.

We are excited to have them on as a guest for our second Upper Limb Manufacturer’s Forum. For those that may not know, COAPT offers advanced myoelectric pattern recognition for upper limb prostheses and works with nearly all upper limb prosthetic manufacturers to ensure that their technology is compatible for those users that could benefit from it.

In our webinar we will learn more about the COAPT story and address the topics below:

  • What’s different about pattern recognition versus traditional control?
  • How is COAPT different?
  • What does pattern rec. offer to a user and how can they get access to this technology?
  • How does COAPT collaborate with manufacturers to make this more accessible to more users?
  • How can clinicians prepare themselves to implement these innovative technologies and how does COAPT support them?

    We also throw in a bonus question, give the webinar a listen and let us know if you want to connect for more information:
  • BrainRobotics: www.brainrobotics.com
  • COAPT: www.coaptengineering.com