Upper Limb Discussions with BrainRobotics The Importance of Socket Fit

There are two critical components to the successful use of a device that few manufacturers talk about – Occupational Therapy and Proper Socket Fit. Without these two, the user may likely not use the device and will also likely blame the device for not allowing them to do what they thought they would be able to.

On our first Upper Limb Discussions webinar we cover some of the highlights when it comes to socket fit.

BrainRobotics welcomed three clinicians who have spent a significant amount of time in upper limb and are considered to be upper limb specialists.

We cover two main topics:

1. What do you see most often hindering a user?

2. What should a new upper limb clinician, or one that doesn’t see a lot of UL patients, look for and consider?

Whether you are a user or a clinician, we hope this webinar provides more insight into a small part of the larger discussion on upper limb socket fit.

A big thanks goes to our webinar guests who you can reach via the information shared below.

Karl Lindborg: www.intersectops.com – karl@intersectops.com Randy Alley: www.biodesigns.com – ralley@biodesigns.com Chris Baschuk: www.pointdesignsllc.com – chris@pointdesignsllc.com