The meaning of function is as follows:

  • An activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing.
  • To function is to work or operate in a proper or particular way.

The benefit of multi-articulated myoelectric hands is that they allow a user to complete those finer activities that something like a three jaw chuck, as we call it, or hook won’t allow for. Things like picking up small items, easily zipping things, opening zip lock baggies, etc. are easier with a device that allows you to grab items gingerly, and precisely, when needed.

Without this ability a user has no need for a particular myo device. If the fingers don’t align, grips aren’t reliable, gestures such as precision and tripod aren’t actually attainable, then what benefit does the user have?

We have been spending a tremendous amount of time testing and going back to the drawing board to ensure that our device meets the expectations of the user and allows the clinician to feel confident that the user will be able to complete their ADLs without issue. Rushing to a finish line isn’t the goal, the goal is to offer an accessible, affordable, and functional hand to the user.

In the last two years we have essentially taken the body of the car as is but have completely revamped the interior with an experienced engineering team that has worked in upper limb prosthetics for decades. Their goal has been to ensure functionality and ease of use to the user. No giant bells. No whistles. Function!

The user will be able to easily cycle through their 4 key grips (power/fist, lateral, precision, & tripod) by using the button on the back of the hand and simply focus on perfecting that open & close signal. For our more advanced users they can layer in triggers and swap grips, but they don’t have to.

With our goal of function, we want to ensure that the BrainRobotics hand is simple to use for all different types of users – from novice to advanced. By focusing on these functional elements and on the simplicity of the device when it comes out of the box we aim to ensure the right outcomes for the users.

Check back into our newsletter next month where we discuss the convenience factor of working with BrainRobotics through our US assembly, loaner program, and local technical support.

Have a great rest of 2022 and we’ll see you next year!

Written by Linda Calabria – Senior Product & Marketing Manager at BrainRobotics