BrainRobotics Stands for…

Myoelectric prosthetic devices should be accessible and functional and it should be convenient for the clinician to work with the manufacturer, and for the user to use their prosthetic hand for key Activities of Daily Living. That’s what BrainRobotics stands for and will continue evolving to ensure we offer.

We started this newsletter to offer a peek inside all of our developments. You may not feel ready to sign up for a newsletter via our website, and that’s ok, but this way you’ll get the latest information that you can read on your own time.

Over the last two years we have been focusing on the “boring” stuff. The things no one sees but are critical for a user, because after all, if a hand is always in the shop, you’re not using it.

We have put our money towards ensuring our myoelectric prosthetic hand offers more than some others at this price point, $12,000 – $15,000, and is on par with some more advanced hands that are not currently approved by PDAC.

Things like pins, springs, and screws are critical to a user and can’t be overlooked. If a myoelectric device is treated appropriately it will work wonders for the right user. It will be a key tool in a toolbox of many other devices, and that’s what we want to offer more individuals to have access to, advanced technology, regardless of insurance limitations.

As we get ready to do our second round of usability testing we wanted to share more details in regards to our current progress and invite you to explore the BrainRobotics website to stay in touch with us.

We always welcome your feedback and want to leave you with a question we’d like your thoughts on: When identifying the right myoelectric multi-articulating device for a user, what are the top three things you focus on?

We will be back with more updates next month!

-The team at BrainRobotics 🦾

Written by Linda Calabria – Senior Product & Marketing Manager at BrainRobotics