Somerville company hopes prosthetic technology will be a ‘game-changer’ for amputees.

Boston25 news BrainRobotics
Boston25 news BrainRobotics
Reaching new milestones

A Somerville company has created a new, high-prosthetic arm that could transform the way amputees are able to interact with the world around them.

Time Magazine selected this device, developed by BrainCo [parent company of BrainRobotics], as one of their top 100 inventions for 2019. Boston 25 News was at their facility when Yue Gu was playing the guitar with the assistance of a BrainCo hand.

“With about 30 minutes of training, a user can start to achieve movements that are very similar to those of a non-amputee, just by thinking about them, according to BrainCo.” To read more, click here.